Review of Niacin Max for Bypassing The Digestive System

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There’s been a lot of talk about niacin supplements and what they can do for you. Now, there are two ways to take niacin. You can either take it into your digestive system in a capsule. Or, you can take it in a strip under the tongue.

We have found it taking it in a strip under the tongue is usually a lot better. Why? The reason is surprising.

Well, when you take something in a strip under the tongue it entered into your bloodstream faster. You see, what happens when you take something orally it has to go through your esophagus and down into your stomach. Now, in your stomach there’s a lot of stomach acid designed to break down food.

But, a lot of the stomach acid can be eating up the nutrients of the supplement that you just took. So, up to 90% of the active ingredient they were taking in your niacin supplement could be wasted. In fact, your digestive system has been known to obliterate up to 95% of the supplementation period so, this is why we recommend that you take under the tongue supplements when possible. Niacin Max is a great choice for taking niacin supplements under the tongue. Niacin Max Reviews

Because of this delivery method you get the most for your money. You’re able to get up to 10 times more niacin into your system than by taking it into your digestive tract

Also, another thing that we should discuss is what niacin actually does. Niacin can help you too boost your blood oxygen levels. This has many benefits including athletic performance, relief from depression, and many other boons.

Now, while many may tell this new supplement as something spectacular that’s going to change your life, that may not be true.

It can boost your blood oxygenation levels, and that has many athletic benefits. If you are lifting weights, then you will be able to lift more weight because you were getting more blood and oxygen into the muscle that is being worked. The muscle being worked will have more oxygen to work with and will be able to push farther and longer than it could without niacin. For reviews of Niacin Max can check out some of these different web sites. You can check out the Livejournal for Niacin Max reviews as well as their Blogger

I hope that this has all been helpful to you. If you have any questions about what niacin can do for you as well as what it can’t do for you, please let me a comment in the box below. For more information about Niacin Max, check out some of those sites that I mentioned. It is a fairly new supplement, but so far it has been reviewed very well.

People seem to like it and they appear to be getting some pretty good results from it. Both athletes and gym-goers alike are lauding its praises and they say that it has helped them a lot in their workouts. This is good to know because this is not always the easiest crowd to impress. The fact that Niacin Max has been getting such good reviews right off the bat tells you that they may be on to something. I think it’s definitely worth a look.

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